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Advertising Measurement and Evaluation

Campaign Evaluation

Blueprint Communications utilizes the Communicus Advertising Campaign Evaluation System because it more precisely measures advertising impact than traditional tracking studies. This methodology provides a precise audit of advertising results, separated from other marketing variables. As a result, Communicus provides a more accurate basis for evaluating advertising agency performance.

Following this blueprint, Blueprint Communications can help you answer the following questions:


  • Does the campaign generate enough awareness to provide for substantial sales impact? If not, why not?
  • How strong is each individual print ad or commercial in its ability to attract attention, identify the brand and communicate the intended message?
  • What impact is the ad campaign having on image and usage among people who are reached by it?


  • Is the advertising delivering the right audience efficiently? How well is the media mix working?
  • What is the relative contribution of each medium to overall campaign results? Should budget be allocated differently?


  • Is the advertising budget right for the brand? What would be the most profitable budget for the brand?
  • How should the advertising budget be allocated among various markets to optimize campaign impact?

Other Factors

  • What inroads are competitive campaigns making? What counter measures should be taken?
  • Has the campaign worn out?

This audit process has resulted in substantial savings to our clients.

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