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Agency Compensation & Contract Optimization

Blueprint Communications assists you, your purchasing officers and your attorney in developing the desired agency contract and compensation plan, including performance-based compensation, if appropriate. This step in the process usually goes smoothly because of all the preparation with the SOW and RFP responses.

Throughout the process for and selecting a new agency, Blueprint Communications provides ongoing advice concerning management of the incumbent agency, communications with the press and all other management issues that might arise.

We will also work with you to check references of agencies you are considering. We also stay in touch with all agencies under consideration and keep you informed of any developments that may affect your decision.

We provide in-depth advice on compensation and all other elements of the agency contract. Our approach to agency compensation is aggressive, yet fair-minded, encouraging performance-based arrangements when possible. All contracts are based on a detailed scope of work and agency organization/staffing plan. Agencies are forced to think through organization and staffing issues to propose responsible compensation packages.

For reference points, we have industry benchmarks on agency costs and profit margins for use in developing compensation agreements.

Blueprint Communications believes that performance-based agency compensation is an excellent way to motivate the agency to superior performance and assure agency alignment with you on key marketing priorities. This approach can take several different forms. We work with you and your agency to develop a plan that meets both parties' specific needs.

While our compensation & contract service naturally evolves from our agency selection process, we also offer it separately. We can assist you in revising contracts with existing agencies to reflect changes in assignments or other needs.

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