Blueprint Communications Inc. has conducted agency reviews, negotiated contracts, built agency relationships and evaluated advertising for a range of clients. Typically, our clients are Fortune 500 size, but our scope of work varies from one client to another.

Advertising Measurement Clients

We have helped major Fortune 500 companies in consumer and business-to-business sectors get a precise in-market measurement of their advertising-campaign effectiveness.

Our analysis and recommendations helped these companies leverage future advertising performance while maximizing cost efficiencies. The unique Communicus methodology provides a quick and accurate read of campaign impact by separating the advertising from the other elements of the marketing mix.

These companies understood in great detail the strengths of each campaign in attracting attention, identifying the brand and whether the message was communicated clearly and persuasively. From a media perspective, Communicus was able to isolate the relative contributions of various media to overall campaign results, as well as how the budget should be allocated in the future for maximum effectiveness.

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