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Our Focus

A building is only as effective as its blueprint, which determines the strength, functionality and aesthetics of the structure. We construct blueprints for our clients to develop, monitor and improve their brand communications programs.

Our value comes from sharing our knowledge and experience in agency selection and agency evaluation disciplines.

To assure objectivity, we work exclusively for client companies, with no engagements or compensation from advertising agencies or other marketing communications firms. We embrace the ANA/AAAA “Rules of the Road for Agency Search Consultants” and “Best Practices in Agency Search and Selection Process.”

Our Approach

While we oversee and guide each process from beginning to end, we are not the decision makers. We are facilitators. Blueprint Communications provides the personal expertise and proprietary processes to help you make the best decisions.

Our team-based approach to advertising agency review and selection assures that all points-of-view are expressed and consensus is achieved. This is particularly important to complex organizations with multiple business units and product groups.

To facilitate this team work in agency selection, we:

  • Help clients create stakeholder teams
  • Make sure team members understand the task and process
  • Maintain a collaborative atmosphere among team members
  • Fill gaps where technical knowledge may be insufficient
  • Establish a control system to measure team progress
  • Make sure timetables are followed
  • Help team members reach consensus

While team members often come into the review process with divergent agency needs and loyalties, we always find team consensus on agency selection.

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Our team philosophy doesn’t end with company members of the team. Relationships with advertising agencies must never become adversarial, or they can become unproductive or even counter-productive. Agencies appreciate our fairness, courtesy and professionalism.

Blueprint Communications' strengths include:

  • More than 50 years of marketing experience with agencies and clients
  • Experience in both national and local searches
  • Proven track record in helping clients
    make the right agency selection decisions
  • Collaborative approach
  • Effective leadership of teams
  • Objectivity
  • Time savings efficiency
  • Understanding of industry benchmarks not readily available to clients
  • In-depth knowledge of agencies across communications disciplines
  • Ability to measure advertising campaign impact

For a free, personal and confidential consultation on agency
compensation and other contract issues, please call Dwight Shelton
at 770-331-8298

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