Most Common Client Mistakes in Searches
Reasons Why Client/Agency Relationships Fail

Looking for a search consultant?

Before you search for an advertising agency, you'll need to look for a search consultant to help you. The criteria on the following list should help you select the best consultant for your needs.

Does your search consultant have:

  • The ability to develop and coach stakeholder teams, ultimately helping them reach consensus?

  • Expertise in identifying and formalizing scope of work requirements for candidate agencies?

  • Knowledge and expertise with most prominent marketing communications agencies?

  • Skills in obtaining the right data, information and insights on candidate agencies, extracting what you need to know rather than what these agencies would like to pitch?

  • The ability to tailor the review process to your needs. Clients often have complexities and internal obstacles to a smooth agency selection, which can be successfully navigated with expert assistance?

  • Experience in managing several agency reviews involving different communications disciplines at one time?

  • Experience in evaluating potential media cost and delivery performance of candidate agencies?

  • Ability to evaluate candidate agency/ staffing and compensation proposals, including performance-based programs?

To help you get the most success from your brand communications resources, we have developed a list of suggestions, based on a combined 50+ years experience of our staff. It is availalble in a free, confidential consultation, which is only the beginning of the insight we can offer.

Most Common Mistakes in Searches

  • Agency selection criteria not clearly defined

  • Process either too objective or subjective

  • Process creates apples –to-oranges comparisons

  • Right questions aren’t asked

  • Key stakeholders are not involved in the selection process

  • Discord among stakeholders on the role and responsibility of the agency

  • Agency biases or an uneven playing field

  • Compensation too heavily weighted in making the agency selection decision

  • Scope of work is incomplete and/or lacks sufficient detail

  • Timetable does not allow for sufficient agency contact and evaluation

  • Agency selection made without properly addressing agency staffing and compensation plans

  • Client and agency cultures and work styles not given serious consideration

  • Expecting the ultimate advertising campaign to be born in the search process

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