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Reasons Why Client/Agency Relationships Fail

Why Client / Agency Relationships Fail

Client/agency relationships care fragile at best. All too often, they lack mutual respect, trust and candid communications. The reasons for break-ups are varied. Some of the most prevalent reasons are discussed below.

  • Change in marketing, sales or advertising management—there is a strong trend among new executives to hire their “own” agency

  • Communications between client and agency is no longer effective due to a failure to listen

  • Client’s sales, profits or market share erode and the client loses confidence in the agency’s recommendations

  • Belief that the agency can no longer develop superior creative

  • Key agency personnel working on the client’s business leave the agency or are transferred to other accounts within the agency

  • Poor agency service or taking the client for granted

  • Agency compensation issues

  • Competitive conflict develops

  • Client is acquired by another company, or undergoes a major reorganization

  • Client fails to define the role and responsibility of the agency

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